Fresh Advantage™ salutes Dr. Andrew Bremer, a pediatric endocrinologist and Professor Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, for standing up to MacDonald’s at its recent shareholder meeting and elucidating the link between fast food and the current epidemic of obesity and diabetes among children in the U.S.

In the September, 2011 “Food Issue” of THE NATION, Michael Pollan opined that our country’s industrial food system would not change until the health care sector (health professionals and institutions with which they are affiliated) and the health insurance industry became advocates for change—and politically active. Well, physicians are becoming active now in the private sector arena through the “Value the Meal” campaign underway by Corporate Accountability International.

BremerAs professionals who help hospitals and other health care facilities to create and maintain healthful food services, we at FRESH ADVANTAGE™ applaud Dr. Bremer and his colleagues. Yes, for the second year the resolution was turned back by McDonald’s shareholders who value their cash returns far more than public and environmental health. It is a sign of how great the problem with the fast food industry really is and why we need physicians, nurses, hospitals and policy makers to step up, in greater numbers. Then perhaps the insurance industry will come to understand what is at stake, just as the 50 states did when they saw what tobacco use was doing to their Medicaid costs.

We hope this physician advocacy will extend to the places where these good doctors practice, so that they themselves become local change agents in the pursuit of a food system that supports human and environmental health.

At Fresh Advantage™, healthy hospital food is no longer an oxymoron. We’re leading the way in helping healthcare providers transform their institutional food into wholesome, freshly-prepared meals that heal, nurture and satisfy.