Food insecurity is increasing in the United States, and—not surprisingly—evidence shows that hunger should be considered as a health issue. Researchers have documented that economically vulnerable patients must sometimes choose between buying food and buying medication, and low-income individuals with diabetes have higher rates of hospital admissions for hypoglycemia at the end of the month when they are running out of food.

To help spotlight this problem and suggest solutions, Fresh Advantage Director Marydale DeBor organized “Hunger As a Health Issue,” a presentation at the Connecticut Mental Health Center in association with the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University’s School of Medicine.

The presentation highlighted how a “community food needs assessment” can be part of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) required of nonprofit hospitals by the Affordable Care Act. Such an assessment unites hospitals, community health organizations, and local healthy food initiatives to approach hunger in the community as a public health issue. Effective investments in collaboration with local organizations can contribute to the community benefit requirement of the ACA.


If you wanted to attend but missed the presentation, you can watch it here.