Institutional Health Care Providers

DoctorHealthFresh Advantage® is unique in its approach to food service in health care: We specialize in transforming standard institutional food into a vibrant component of clinical care, the patient experience, and population health.

FA’s nutritionists, chefs, operations experts, and health educators work with your hospital staff to create menus and meals made with sustainable, wholesome ingredients. We also collaborate with you to promote an institutional culture that embraces nutritious, tasty food. We call this team effort food care. Given the challenges facing health care today, the time for food care has come.

Here’s what you can expect from FA’s collaborative guidance and technical assistance:

  • An assessment of existing food service operations and specific recommendations for
    • Functionality and design of the kitchen, nourishing stations on floors, break areas, cafeteria, and retail food locations
    • Information technology support for food service operations and for individual
      patient care
    • Menu design and menu cycles based on seasonally available ingredients
    • Sourcing and procurement, including sustainable food from local and regional sources
    • Culinary and nutrition staff competency for maximum taste, enjoyment, and nutritional benefit
    • Patient, employee, and community food care education
    • Food waste management
    • Integration with medical and nursing care of custom menus for specific patient populations (such as geriatric, bariatric, and cancer patients)
    • Evaluation via Press Ganey and other patient satisfaction survey instruments
  • Management of the food service vendor selection process, including:
    • Preparation of RFPs
    • Management of site visitsHospitalFood
    • Bid evaluation
    • Contract negotiation
  • ServSafe training and culinary and nutrition education and skill development for food service employees
  • For nonprofit hospitals, assistance with meeting the new IRS community benefit requirement by developing effective patient and community programs using the food service operation to promote health by preventing and managing chronic disease
  • For all hospitals, assistance with meeting the opportunities and challenges of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


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