Sample Projects

An Urban Charter School Service

Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade

Fresh Advantage provides strategic advisory and grant program services to foundations interested in food system improvement, remediation of food insecurity, and community health through public policy advocacy, reform of institutional and community food system development, and health care system operations.

FA founder Marydale DeBor has 25 years’ experience in philanthropy and health care administration, where she recognized the urgent need to “reinvent” institutional food service to integrate diet and sound nutrition as a part of regular medical and public health practice. Today, she works with foundations that support improving community health and individual health outcomes through systems that provide nutritious foods produced by sustainable practices.

Fresh Advantage creates customized consulting teams with experts in nutrition, culinary and food service operations, and program design and evaluation.


Strategic Philanthropic Investment Guidance 

  • Identification of high-impact opportunities and development of mission-based strategic “investment” plans
  • Identification of potential partnerships with government, nonprofit, and private-sector agencies and other funding entities
  • Coordination with collaborating local and regional organizations
  • Formation of and assistance with management of advisory boards

Competitive Grants Management and Oversight

  • Research and development of grant-making initiatives
  • RFP development and proposal evaluation
  • Monitoring of funded initiatives, including development of evaluation processes
  • “Hands-on” problem-solving support to grantees to implement a funded initiative

Noncompetitive Funding Project Management

  • Identification of projects to be funded outside a competitive grants process
  • Development and implementation of identified initiatives or projects
  • Planning support for grantee organizations, including identifying suitable partners and implementation assistance (e.g., staffing, infrastructure design and acquisition, training, and financial management)


For more information, please contact Marydale DeBor or call 203-745-1796.


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