Food Service Management Companies

Fotolia_34636876_XSInstitutional food operations are no longer a predictable ancillary service. Increasingly, institutions are demanding more than “can to pan” food. Institutional food services managers want fresh, locally sourced, made from scratch meals that are tasty and nutritious for those they serve: employees, students, patients, and the public.

Experts at Fresh Advantage® are leaders in reinventing how institutional food service is conceived, positioned, and implemented in organizational cultures.

Healthy Choices in the CafeteriaFA can help your food service company gain a competitive edge by:

  • Working with you to create compelling responses to RFPs issued by institutions
  • Integrating local and regional foods into your current sourcing
  • Suggesting marketing strategies to position your company with potential new clients
  • Using proven educational and communications techniques to show existing clients the benefits of fresh, healthy, tasty food
  • Helping you develop health education and promotion programs that meet the IRS community benefit requirement needed by your nonprofit hospital clients
  • Helping you develop food programs for certain provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (employee disease prevention and wellness incentives) that affect your corporate clients

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