Plow to Plate: An Award-Winning National Model

Plow to Plate edited logo

Plow to Plate® is the first fully integrated model of Fresh Advantage principles. This national model:

  • Features fresh, nutritious, locally sourced food made from scratch for the patients, staff, and visitors at New Milford Community Hospital
  • Provides broad community outreach through low-cost Senior Suppers, the Youth Chef Advocacy program, a volunteer-built healing culinary garden, and active participation in the local farmers’ market
  • Conducts public health intervention programs for families and the elderly at risk or dealing with chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes
  • Raised New Milford Hospital’s Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores from the 30th to the +90th percentiles
  • Helps New Milford Hospital meet its IRS community benefit requirement for non-profit hospitals

The development of Plow to Plate is detailed in “Plow to Plate: The Community Hospital as Change Agent” in Sustainability: A Journal of Record (2012, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 79–84), by Elaine Eldridge.

Further News on Plow to Plate:


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